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How Delete Outlook Express Temp Files?

Outlook Express is an application which is used to manage emails and others things like task, meeting tasks and many more. It is also used for news updates and comes with Internet explorer. Almost all windows come associated with Outlook Express. When you create a profile on Outlook Express it stores all its setting into temporary files which is known as Outlook Express temp Files. All the email attachment that you send and receive is stored in this temp files, which in turn is stored on your hard drive of computer. Over the time of use this file is filled with data and becomes large in size. This temp file starts producing issues for performance of computer and slows down its speed. Thus, if you are looking for a tool to clear Outlook Express temp files, then do not worry here is a useful tool known as Remo MORE, it can easily clean all your Outlook Express’s  temp file data in just a matter of seconds.

There is another drawback of this temp file on your computer. Since this file is stored on your computer hard drive, it wastes you hard drive space. In such kind of situations, you might run out of memory space. Outlook temp file is generally stored in the registry folder of your computer. This folder is generally used to store plugins setting, software’s configurations and all other settings that you have done on your computer.  Since this folder is very sensitive you cannot simply go inside it and delete anything you want, because deletion of any useful registry file in illusion of useless, can impact your computer’s working. Thus, if you want to delete Outlook Express temporary files from your computer then it proves a bit difficult if you do so by manual way.

Thus to make sure that no important data is deleted from your registry folder while deleting the useless file, users prefer to draw support of third party tool so that they need not to involve manually  in temp file cleaning process. Remo MORE is such tool which is invented to fulfill the requirement of users and has capability to scan your computer and locate the entire Outlook Express temp file automatically and clear it within a matter of seconds. This tool gives you a detailed report after scanning your hard drive; referring which, it would be very clear to choose which file should be deleted and which are useful for you. It is associated with such type of searching mechanism that helps it to delete all the junk data created by your Outlook Express. This tool is free for download and recommended by many software engineers to make use while you to decide to clean Outlook Express temp files from your computer. Easy in use and attractive user interface makes it very special among the users.

Steps to clear Outlook Express temp files:

Step (i): Download MORE on your system then fire it and from main screen select Optimize option after this from next screen select Privacy Cleaner as shown in figure 1.

Clear Outlook Express Temp Files - Select Privacy Cleaner

Figure 1: Select Privacy Cleaner

Step (ii): From main screen of privacy cleaner, you have to choose Clean Program Junks in order to clear Outlook Express temp files as shown in figure 2.

Clear Outlook Express Temp Files - Select Clean Program Junks

Figure 2: Select Clean Program Junks

Step (iii): From this screen of MORE select the program junk data including Outlook Express temp files from the list of program junks and click on Clean button as shown in figure 3.

Clear Outlook Express Temp Files - Select Junk Files and Tap on Clean

Figure 3: Select Junk Files and Tap on Clean

Step (iv): After this, software will start deleting temp files from your computer and once this process is completed you can see the report as shown in figure 4.

Clear Outlook Express Temp Files - Temp Files Deleted

Figure 4: Temp Files Deleted

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