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Recover Corrupt Outlook Express Data

For those users who have lost their data stored in their Outlook Express profile due to corruption of .dbx file, here is best feasible solution to fix corrupt DBX file and recover lost emails. With the help of recover corrupt Outlook Express utility, you can repair damaged .dbx file and recover lost Outlook Express data at your finger tips. They will repair even severely corrupted .dbx files to recover lost emails along with their header. Since recover Outlook Express email software treats .dbx file as read-only at repair and recovery, it will never harm original file.

Unlike Outlook, OE uses separate .dbx files for each folder in Outlook Express and the size of each .dbx file will be fixed to 2GB. In certain occasions DBX files get corrupt due to various reasons like virus infection, exceeding the limited size, abrupt Outlook Express termination, etc. Corruption of .dbx file makes Outlook Express profile inaccessible which ultimately results in loss of all the data stored in such profiles. In order to fix damaged files and recover data, recover Outlook Express inbox tools are the best choice.

Since Outlook Express is used on a regular basis to access personal or professional emails, definitely there will be important emails stored in OE profile. Losing some vital information is like heart breaking for business people as well as working professionals. As soon as you notice the corruption of .dbx file, stop doing some R&D on your Outlook Express account and lookout for good email recovery software that can recover deleted emails from damaged Inbox.dbx file. They will scan the damaged .dbx files recovers the emails in .eml format, which you can easily import back to your Outlook Express profile without any changes.

One important thing is you need to be very careful at choosing recovery software, because use of some wrong tool might further damage the .dbx file and leads to loss of emails beyond recovery. With the help of appropriate recovery software, you can also recover Oulook Express deleted items easily. Recovery tools are designed in such a way that they are powerful enough to recover even email attachments which you lost from your Outlook Express account. This software has the ability to fix Outlook Express data file lost due to improper termination of Outlook Express application, virus attacks, etc.

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Steps to recover damaged Outlook Express data:

Step 1: Launch the installed Outlook Express recovery software either by double clicking the Desktop icon or from Start Menu list. You will get main window as shown in Figure 1.

Corrupt Outlook Express Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Step 2: Click on the provided button to select the .dbx file which you want to repair and recover emails. You will get a list of Outlook Express identities and associated .dbx files as shown in Figure 2.

Corrupt Outlook Express Recovery - Identity Window

Figure 2: Select OE Identity

Step 3: Select the desired identity and .dbx file for recovery and click on "Next" button to proceed. You will get a pop up box as shown in Figure 3 which asks to specify the destination path to store the recovered emails.

Corrupt Outlook Express Recovery - Destination Path

Figure 3: Set Destination Path

Step 4: Set the destination path and click on "OK" button. Software scans the selected .dbx file and recovers the emails in .eml format for easy import.

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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