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Restore Deleted Items from Outlook Express

Are you the one who looking to recover deleted items from Outlook Express? Great, you landed at a right place where you will get all the assistance to get back deleted or lost emails from your Outlook Express profile. Undelete Outlook Express email program facilitates to restore deleted email and email folders along with their attachments within couple of minutes. It is rated as one of the best email recovery software by industry experts and recovery professionals. It helps to regain all your Outlook Express data at your finger tips in a couple of mouse clicks.

We all know that Outlook Express uses .dbx files of size 2GB to store all the emails and other associated data. Since the storage capacity of .dbx file is limited, most of the users prefer to delete unwanted emails to free the space to store new emails. While deleting unnecessary mails, there are chances of deleting some important emails. Upon deletion they might proceed to clear the contents of deleted Items folder without examine, which will make the user to lose his vital emails. During such situation click here to get back lost or deleted email from Outlook Express .

Apart from accidental deletion there are other factors blamed for loss of emails. One most common factor is corruption of .dbx file which might happens due to compacting .dbx file, exceeding its storage limit, virus infection, etc. In order to fix the damaged .dbx file and recover lost data, you need professional Outlook recovery software. Outlook Express recovery software acts as restore corrupted Outlook Express application to repair damaged .dbx file and restore lost emails. You can also fix oversized DBX files that exceeds 2GB size limit with the assistance of this Outlook Exoress email recovery tool.

The above mentioned scenario of incomplete compacting operation is the most common reason for loss of emails. User perform this compression process to reduce the size of the DBX file so that it can take less space on the hard drive. But sometimes, this compacting operation failed due to sudden power failure, and this results in a damaged DBX file. In this situation you can make use of this software to fix damaged Outlook DBX file.

utlook recovery software scans the.dbx file and repair Outlook Express in Windows XP, 7, Vista by retrieving deleted or lost emails without changing .dbx file, which ensures that your original data file remains intact at repair and recovery process. Since it recovers all your emails in .eml format, it is very easy to import them back to your Outlook Express profile without any modifications. It helps to retrieve data from Outlook Express inbox and other email folders.

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Steps to recover deleted items from Outlook Express:

Step 1: Download and install the Outlook Express recovery software and launch it either using desktop icon or from start menu list. Welcome screen opens up as shown in Fig A.

Outlook Express Recovery Deleted Items - Main Window

Fig A: Welcome Screen

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Step 2: Click on bolded button to select the .dbx file from which you have to recover deleted email. Software will display the list of Outlook Express identities as shown in Fig B.

Outlook Express Recovery Deleted Items - Identity Window

Fig B: Select DBX File

Step 3: Select the identity and .dbx file from which you want to restore emails and click on "Next". You will get a pop up window as shown in Fig C which will enables you to set the destination path where you want to store the recovered emails.

Outlook Express Recovery Deleted Items - Destination Path

Fig C: Select Destination Folder

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Step 4: Set the destination path and then click on OK button. Software scans the selected .dbx file and recovers all the emails which are deleted or lost from the selected .dbx file, which you can find in specified destination folder in .eml format.

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