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How to Recover Outlook Express Folders

Are you not able to access Outlook Express folders or facing complications to find out important emails? While using Outlook express for managing professional and personal email messages, you may find these emails inaccessible due to corrupted DBX files. On DBX file corruption, you may lose some vital information attached with emails, which might be painful for you. DBX file may get corrupt because of some certain reasons like virus infection, abrupt Outlook Express program termination due to sudden power surge or system reboot, oversized DBX file, erroneous file compression etc. Outlook Express folder recovery is the only way to regain access to Outlook attributes. To come across such data loss disasters, you should employ a third party tool. Outlook Express Recovery wizard is the best tool recommended by computer professionals to recover Outlook Express deleted folders.

In Outlook Express, there are separate DBX file assigned for each folders. These files are limited in size i.e. 2 GB. As it is usual, most of Outlook Express users use to store important emails in email folder while using Outlook Express regularly. Storing email messages regularly in corresponding folder may results in exceeding the size limit of DBX file, which leads to damage DBX file. On damaging DBX files, you may lose your important email messages. On such cases, it is advisable to employ Outlook Express Recovery software to restore emails from Outlook Express DBX file after 2gb limit. It is a smart tool, which performs fast and secure recovery of Outlook Express folders from corrupted DBX files. It has great capacity to repairing of corrupt DBX files on all latest versions of Outlook Express such as Outlook Express 4, Outlook Express 5, Outlook Express 5.5 and Outlook Express 6.

Virus infection is also very common reason, which causes damaged DBX files. Virus infection takes place due to processing files over insecure network, e-attachments etc. To keep files and folder safe from viruses, always keep scanning of Outlook Express files with the best antivirus program. Sudden power surge, system reboot and abrupt termination of Outlook Express application while processing on Outlook attributes also leads to DBX file corruption. Improper power supply also results in creating bad sectors in hard drive, which may result in inaccessibility of DBX files. On such situations, Outlook Express Recovery software empowers you to fix corrupt Outlook Express DBX files. Sometimes, you need to compress large size DBX files to share over network. Incomplete file compacting also result in DBX file corruption, which makes Outlook folders inaccessible. To resolve such disasters, Outlook Express recovery program is the best option. By using this tool, you can recover deleted items on Outlook Express.

Outlook Express Recovery software is a non-destructive, read only application which repairs DBX files which making any modification to source files. It recovers emails in .eml format, which can be easily imported to Outlook Express folders. It is a smart tool, which can identify DBX files if you do not know exact location of corrupt DBX files, and restores Outlook Express folders back to destination folder. It is an easy to use wizard, which makes recovery Outlook Express Folders at your finger trip. It can also be used as Outlook Express repair toolbox to fix badly corrupted .dbx files in OE.

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Few simple steps to Recover Outlook Express Folders:

Step (i): After successful download, launch the free trial version of the software. You will get home screen as illustrated in Figure A.

Recover Outlook Express Folders - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step (ii): Click on the button to select the .dbx file which you want to repair. It will show a list of Outlook Express identities and associated .dbx files as illustrated in Figure B.

Recover Outlook Express Folders - OE Identity List

Figure B: OE Identity List

Step (iii): Select the desired identity and .dbx file for recovery and click on "Next" to proceed further. You will get a pop up box as illustrated in Figure C which asks to specify the destination path to store the recovered DBX file.

Recover Outlook Express Folders - Set Destination Path

Figure C: Set Destination Path

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Step (iv): Set the destination path and click on "OK" button. Software scans the selected .dbx file and recovers emails in .eml format for easy import to destination.

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