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Retrieve Deleted Emails from Outlook Express 6

Have you unknowingly deleted some of the emails in order to reduce the size of an Outlook Express mailbox or Inbox ?

How will you recover deleted emails from Outlook Express 6 on your computer ?

Like most of the Outlook Express users, you may also do not want to corrupt your OE .dbx files. And to keep this thing in check, you may delete unwanted emails on a regular basis such that the size of an OE mailbox does not exceed its size limit. This practice is recommended by experts across the world and is a good way to save your crucial data from getting corrupted. But one day, while searching your mailbox for some important emails, you may not have found them. Then you realize that while erasing unwanted emails, accidentally you had deleted the important emails. After finding that the emails are deleted even from the deleted items folders, what is the next step you will take now for the recovery of Outlook Express emails ?

If going by what recovery professionals say about such situations, you must utilize the Outlook Express email recovery software. The tool is developed basically for the recovery of emails deleted or lost from Outlook Express 6 & other versions. You may know the fact that OE creates a separate .dbx file for each of its attributes, such as Inbox.dbx, Contacts.dbx, Outbox.dbx, etc. This software makes use of built-in scanning algorithms to scan any of the .dbx file specified by the user and extracts the lost or deleted attributes, including your emailsn in .eml format. It is the best software to recover emails lost due to OE mailbox size exceeding 2GB limit.

The main reason behind the loss of emails from Outlook Express 6 is the accidental deletion, as mentioned here earlier. The other factor responsible for the deletion is an anti-virus program. As Outlook Express 6 is not immune to virus scathe, you may utilize any anti-virus application to prevent any type of corruption due to virus infection. However, this anti-virus may become a culprit for the emails, because there are fair chances of emails getting deleted by anti-virus during the anti-virus scanning of Inbox & other email folders in Outlook Express 6. Without this email recovery software, it will be very difficult to recover deleted emails from Inbox.dbx file.

In addition to the recovery of deleted emails, the software can also retrieve the emails lost due to .dbx file corruption after virus attack, incomplete compacting operation, incorrect system shutdown, etc. This tool is used worldwide by Outlook Express 6 users, as it can also recover deleted items from Outlook Express. It has the potential to restore other items of Outlook Express such as contacts, calendar items, drafts, etc.

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Follow the steps mentioned here to recover deleted emails from Outlook Express 6 :

Step a : Click the button on the welcome window to choose a .dbx file from which emails need to be recovered, as illustrated in Fig a.

How to Recover Emails Deleted from Outlook Express 6 - Main Screen

Fig a: Main Window

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Step b : Choose an appropriate .dbx file from the list, as illustrated in Fig b.

How to Recover Emails Deleted from Outlook Express 6 - Select .dbx file(s) from the list

Fig b: Choose a .dbx file to recover emails

Step c : On the next window, select a destination path for saving the recovered emails, as illustrated in Fig c. Upon this, the recovery tool scans the file & retrieve emails in .eml format.

How to Recover Emails Deleted from Outlook Express 6 - Specify destination path for saving the Emails

Fig c: Select a Destination Path

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