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How to Restore Outlook Express Inbox Data?

Have you ever lost emails or email folders from your Outlook Express profile? Most probably the answer will be yes. Losing data from Outlook Express account is quite common. Restore Outlook Express emails tool performs a great job for those who lost their stored data from their OE profile. It recovers all your deleted or lost emails along with their attachments in couple of mouse clicks. You can perform inbox recovery from Outlook Express at your own without opting for expert’s assistance to get all your email folders as they were deleted or lost. Recovery tool is designed with simple interactive interface which requires no expertise to operate.

We all know that Outlook Express uses .dbx files to store all the data stored in OE profile. For each and every folder there will be a separate .dbx file like all the emails kept in inbox will be stored in inbox.dbx and the size of each DBX file will be limited to 2GB. Whenever the size of DBX file exceeds the limited size it tends to get corrupt. Upon corruption of .dbx file, Outlook Express becomes inaccessible. In order to recover data from damaged .dbx file, Outlook Express recovery after corrupt program serves best. Within couple of minutes you can recover data from corrupt .dbx files. This software is reviewed and recommended by experts to restore lost emails when Outlook express mailbox exceeds 2GB limit.

In addition to exceeding limited size, there are other factors which are responsible for corruption of .dbx file such as improper Outlook Express termination, application malfunctioning, software conflicts, file system error and many others. No matter how the .dbx file is damaged, Outlook Express recovery software scans the corrupted file and will recover deleted emails from damaged Inbox.dbx folder in .eml format. You can import recovered emails back to your Outlook Express profile with the absence of modifications by simple drag and drop procedure.

Professional Outlook Express recovery software treats your damaged .dbx file as read only at repair and recovery process, which will never harm the original file. They also help to retrieve Outlook Express deleted items from different Outlook Express account. This application works best for different versions of Outlook Express i.e. Outlook Express 4, 5, 5.5 and 6. You can also make use of the demo version of the Outlook Express recovery software to evaluate the tool before using for repair and recovery process.

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Steps to recover Outlook express emails folders:

Step 1: Install and launch the Outlook Express recovery software either by double clicking the Desktop icon or from Start Menu list. Welcome screen opens up as shown in Figure 1.

Outlook Express Inbox Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Step 2: Click on the highlighted button to select the .dbx file from which you wish to recover email folders. Outlook Express identities and associated .dbx files will be displayed as shown in Figure 2.

Outlook Express Inbox Recovery - Identity Window

Figure 2: OE Identity and DBX Files

Step 3: Select the intended identity and .dbx file for recovery and click on Next button. You will get a pop up box as shown in Figure 3 which facilitates to specify the destination path to store the recovered emails.

Outlook Express Inbox Recovery - Destination Path

Figure 3: Select Destination Path

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Step 4: Set the destination path and click on OK. Software scans the selected .dbx file and recovers the emails in .eml format for easy import.

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