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Repair Outlook Express DBX File

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How to Fix Outlook Express Address Book?

There are instances where you may also lose your Outlook Express Contacts or the address book if the dbx file gets corrupted. If these Contacts are very important to you and you don’t have a backup then it may be a burden to restore Outlook Express Contacts. Thus to repair Outlook Express Address Book and to restore Contacts deleted or lost due to dbx file corruption you need to make use of reliable Outlook Express recovery software.

MS Outlook Express is complimentary email based application which generally comes from pre-installed on Windows based computers. Microsoft Outlook Express is also featured with newsreader for reading & posting messages from internet newsgroups. It also has facility to administer several numbers of mail accounts under single user identity and also manages multiple identities. It also has different data structure than Outlook to save the mails. It is located on hard drive as dbx file & stores messages in multiple files rather than in a single file. Each Outlook Express attribute creates independent .dbx file like Inbox.dbx file for Inbox folder, Sent.dbx for sent items folder, contact.dbx for storing contacts etc. But the size of these dbx files or folders are restricted to limited size depending on various versions of Outlook express and when size exceeds the assigned limit, .dbx file gets corrupted & as a result you will be unable to access Outlook Express profile.

There are many reasons that leads to corruption of Outlook Express. Some of them are explained below:

  • The main reason of DBX file corruption in your system is virus bombards that the antivirus software is not able to identify and neutralize the viruses. To prevent this, you have to build backup at least once in a month. So that you can restore lost Outlook Express address book corrupted due to DBX file corruption.
  • Some people want to save disk space and want to compact DBX file. While compacting, your DBX file may be get corrupted if the process is interrupted and hence sometimes Outlook Express attribute folders get corrupted and results in loss of contacts from Outlook Express address book.
  • The DBX file is like any other databases. The DBX file contains indexes to store objectives like emails, Contacts and other items. The indexes in DBX file provide better performance and speed. If these indexes get corrupted, then your DBX file cannot be accessed and Microsoft Outlook Express application will not start. If you have backup then you can get lost data back otherwise you have to fix Outlook Express to restore contacts from the address book.
  • The DBX file may get corrupt logically. The error in the Outlook Express programs also causes DBX file corruption.

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The DBX file may also get damaged when you terminate the application improperly like when some process is active on Outlook Express, software conflicts, virus attack on your computer. It targets the Inbox.dbx folder located in your system hard drive & eventually damaging it.

But don’t be disheartened!!!! Outlook Express files can be easily repaired and recovered by using efficient Outlook Express Recovery software. This software is capable enough to repair and recover Outlook Express address book, emails, and other files from dbx files. You can also repair Outlook Express DBX file and undelete attributes from Outlook Express file with utmost ease. This application can also repair & then recover corrupted dbx files. This utility also has the ability to recover dbx files from different versions of Outlook Express such as Outlook Express 4, 5, 5.5 and 6. This software can also recover mails from Outlook Inbox easily & can be use without much worry as it is recommended by high professionals. With this application, it is also easy to restore deleted messages from broken Inbox DBX folder.


Follow steps to repair Outlook Express address book:

Step (i): Launch the free trial version of the software either by double clicking the Desktop icon or from Start Menu list. You will get home window as illustrated in Figure A.

Repair Outlook Express DBX File - Main Window

Figure A: Home Window

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Step (ii): Click on the provided button to select the .dbx file which you want to repair. You will get a list of Outlook Express identities and associated .dbx files as illustrated in Figure B.

Repair Outlook Express DBX File - Identity Window

Figure B: Select OE Identity

Step (iii): Select the desired identity and .dbx file for recovery and click on "Next" to proceed further. You will get a pop up box as illustrated in Figure C which asks to specify the destination path to store the recovered DBX file.

Repair Outlook Express DBX File - Destination Path

Figure C: Set Destination Path

Step (iv): Set the destination path and click on "OK" button. Software scans the selected .dbx file and recovers the emails in .eml format for easy import.

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