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How to Restore Deleted Email Messages from Inbox.dbx Folder?

Have you committed any of the following mistakes while using Outlook Express?

  • Stored messages with large attachments in Outlook Express Inbox folder
  • Shut down your computer before the accomplishment of the folder compaction process
  • Does not disable the antivirus email scan

Unknowingly, if you have committed these mistakes, then the Inbox.dbx folder of your Outlook Express profile may get damaged. Then, how to recover Outlook Express .dbx file..? It may be known fact for you that Outlook Express makes use of .dbx files to store the data on your computer. For each attribute of Outlook Express, a separate .dbx file is created, say, Inbox.dbx file for the Inbox folder, Contact.dbx for storing contacts, etc. The size of these files/folder are restricted to 2GB limit and when this size exceeds this limit, the .dbx folder gets damaged. This will result in data becoming inaccessible or sometimes even get deleted. To undelete Outlook Express emails or messages, you can completely trust on this Outlook Express email recovery software. Most of the recovery organizations recommend this tool to perform lost email recovery when mailbox exceeds 2GB size limit.

How Inbox.dbx folder exceeds this size limit ? With the regular use of OE, the amount of messages increase thus resulting in an increase of folder size. Moreover, large files are generally attached to these emails. Due to this, when Inbox.dbx gets damaged, you may not be able to access the messages stored in it. Sometimes, the corruption leads to deletion of some of the messages. The .dbx file also gets damaged when you terminate Outlook Express incorrectly i.e. when some process is active on OE. The software conflicts also plays a vital role in damaging .dbx file. Another major culprit responsible for .dbx folder corruption is a virus attack on your computer. The virus & other malware may target the Inbox.dbx folder stored on your computer hard drive, eventually damaging it. So with the help of this tool, you can simply restore erased emails from damaged dbx file naturally.

Somehow to solve this problem of DBX file size limit, users perform compacting operations to reduce the size of the Outlook Express DBX files. But sometimes, this process of DBX file compression gets interrupted due to sudden system reboot, synchronization error or sudden power failure, all these major factors stop the compression process in between and this results in a damaged DBX file. To overcome this problem, you can make use of this apllication to fix damaged Outlook Express DBX file and restore lost or deleted emails and other attributes in just a few mouse clicks.

In case of severe corruption, the file system of a computer gets corrupted which obviously will make the data inaccessible. To get rid of virus infection, you may use any anti-virus program. But, you will be surprised to know that sometimes, messages may get deleted during the anti-virus email scan. Due to this reason, it is always suggested to disable the email scan on your computer. The Outlook Express recovery software works efficiently in all these unfortunate scenarios. It scans the damaged Inbox.dbx folder to extract the messages from it and finally recovers these messages in .eml format. Thus, it becomes very easier even for a naïve user to import back the recovered data back to his Outlook Express profile by simple drag & drop option. Moreover, with the help of this software you can easily recover deleted contacts from Outlook Express in few simple mouse clicks.

The software has the potential to even recover deleted items folder, when you empty it to free the space. In addition to this, you can also use it to recover the messages from the Inbox.dbx folder when you shut down the computer and interrupts the compacting operation of .dbx folder.

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Carry out these simple steps to recover the deleted messages from Inbox.dbx folder :

Step I : On the main window, click the button to select .dbx file for recovery of messages, as illustrated in Fig I.

Restore Deleted Messages from Damaged Inbox.dbx Folder - Welcome Screen

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Step II : On the next screen, select the Inbox.dbx file on the right-side of screen, as illustrated in Fig II. Then, click “Next”.

Restore Deleted Messages from Damaged Inbox.dbx Folder - Choose Inbox.dbx file

Fig II: Selection of Identity and Inbox.dbx File

Step III : As illustrated in Fig III, the software facilitates you to provide the destination path for saving the recovered messages, by clicking “Browse” button. The software now scans the .dbx file & recovere the email messages.

Restore Deleted Messages from Damaged Inbox.dbx Folder - Browse destination path for Recovered Emails

Fig III: Provide Destination Path

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