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How to Recover Lost Emails from Outlook Express Mailboxes?

Have you lost emails from Outlook Express mailbox? Looking for good software to recover emails from Outlook Express? Then you can use best Outlook Express email recovery software to get back all your lost or deleted emails and their attachments from Outlook Express in few simple steps. It provides a simple user interface, using which even a novice can recover emails and email folders from Outlook Express identity. This Outlook Express repair tool restores all emails in .eml format, so that you can directly import emails back to your Outlook Express identity by using a simple drag and drop option. It searches the DBX file if you don’t know the stored location of your file. The software is compatible with different versions of Outlook Express, it can be used comfortably for the recovery of emails deleted from Outlook Express 6 & other versions - 4, 5 and 5.5.

As Outlook Express stores each folder of it as a separate DBX file and each DBX file is allocated fixed size of 2GB. When Outlook Express mailbox file size exceeds 2GB limit, mailbox becomes corrupt and emails are lost as a result of oversized DBX file. Outlook mailbox size may increase due to a number of reasons, among which most important reason is the increase in number of incoming or outgoing emails. If you don’t delete the emails from your Outlook Express identity on regular basis, file size is increased and ultimately it might exceed 2GB size limit. Emails may even contain one or more attachments that might be text file, word file, spreadsheets, photos, etc which will again lead to increase of Mailbox size.

In addition to emails, Outlook Express has some attributes such as Address book, Newsgroup etc. Daily update of attribute data will also enlarge the file size of DBX files and corrupt DBX file when crosses 2GB file size becomes corrupt. You might be thinking that, how mailbox size grows even after deleting emails from Outlook Express on daily basis?  It is because, when you delete unwanted emails form mailbox folder, Outlook Express only deletes the email header and marks the space occupied by emails as empty. But actually the email content still remains in DBX file. When the file size exceeds 2GB size limit, your Outlook Express DBX file is corrupted/damaged, there by denying access to your Outlook Express emails and it may even freeze the Outlook Express identity. This results in loss of emails from Outlook Express DBX file, so to recover lost email, use powerful software that also facilitates you to retrieve deleted contacts from Outlook Express in few simple clicks.

Compaction operation is the only way that reduces the size of your dbx file, where it eliminates blank spaces present on it. However, even this can also cause result in damage to the DBX file. Whatever, might be the reason for oversized dbx file, you can use this advanced tool to repair corrupt Outlook Express DBX file to recover email and other Outlook Express data with ease. It uses special built-in algorithms to recover lost emails on Outlook Express along with other data with ease. It is rated as one of the effective Outlook Express inbox repair tool by industry experts to restore emails, email attachments and lot more data from Outlook DBX file. You can recover deleted items folder from Outlook Express to get back your deleted emails by using this efficient software. It works compatibly on Windows computer and supports email recovery on different versions of Outlook Express namely 4.0, 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0.

With the help of this user friendly utility you can easily fix Outlook Express error 0x800ccc92 encountered on Windows OS of different version like Windows 2003, 2007, XP, 7, 8, etc with ease. Suppose the emails are lost after compacting then also you can make use of this software to recover emails lost after compacting.

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Steps to retrieve lost emails when Outlook Express mailbox exceeds 2GB limit:

Step 1: Download and install Outlook Express email recovery software. Launch it either using desktop icon or from start menu list. Welcome window opens as shown in Figure 1.

Retrieve Lost Emails when Outlook Express Mailbox Exceeds 2GB Limit - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Step 2: Click on "Clich here to Select .dbx file" button to select the .dbx file from which you have to recover emails. Software will display the list of Outlook Express identities as shown in Figure 2.

Retrieve Lost Emails when Outlook Express Mailbox Exceeds 2GB Limit - Select DBX File

Figure 2: Select Oversized DBX File

Step 3: Select the Oversized Outlook Express mailbox or .dbx file from which you want to restore your emails and click on "Next". You will get a pop up window as shown in Figure 3 which asks you to select the destination path where you want to save the recovered emails.

Retrieve Lost Emails when Outlook Express Mailbox Exceeds 2GB Limit - Destination Path

Figure 3: Choose Destination Folder

Download Outlook Express Recovery

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Step 4: Click on "Browse", select the destination path and then click on "OK" button. As soon as you click on Ok, software starts scanning the selected .dbx file and recovers all the emails which are deleted or lost from the selected .dbx file.

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